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Landlords willing to accept DSS/Housing benefit without deposit and first months rent

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Charles Bear

Friday 10 December 2010 4:12:53 pm

I currently live in Richmond borough and in receipt of Housing Benefit (and JSA). I have to move December and struggling to find landlords willing to accept tenants on HB, most have hung up on me as soon as mention HB. I have received advice from severeal sources all advising contact borough housing departments for list of DSS landlords.

I have spoken to Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow boroughs, and none are able to provide any such list or offer further advice. The main problem I have being HB paid in arrears whereas private landlords want rent/deposit in advance. I'm seeking HB friendly landlords who will allow rent to be paid in arrears and/or forego deposit.

Please can you advise me who to contact and where to look for landlords/properties willing to accept me in receipt of HB.

Awaiting your advice


Sunday 01 May 2011 5:04:56 pm

It can be hard to find landlords willing to accept DSS/Housing benefit payments. It will get harder with the tough changes that have been introduced to housing benefit from April 2011.


Obviously, you are right about finding landlord that rent to dss without a deposit.

The main problems with taking housing benefit tenants is that unless the tenant has or can borrow the rent deposit and the first months rent the landlord needs to wait and this can take several weeks.

You will find it really difficult to find a landlord who will rent without a deposit - as the rent deposit acts as some security should there be any damages.

Find a private landlord who will accept dss


If you need to borrow the deposit because your cant rent with zero deposit I would suggest looking at the following links. Dont forget to contact several loan companies to make sure you ge the best rates!



Good luck!!!


Monday 06 June 2011 12:10:40 pm

hi i am looking for a 2 bed accomadation. for myself and partner and 2 boys that accepts housing benefits' around wembley or sourounding areas'and also with little or no deposite?


Sunday 03 July 2011 5:27:51 pm


Have you tried asking parents if they can lend you the deposit as it is very hard to rent a suitable property without a deposit and I think it could be getting hard.....


Friday 22 February 2013 12:57:04 pm

hi my name is christine looking for a 1 bedroom flat in hampshire near basingstoke, that takes dss, idealy no deposit or low as this would be hard to get.. please please get in contacted with me if you have this sort of property as looking to move asap thanks.


Saturday 24 August 2013 3:23:23 pm

Hi all I was wondering if you could help me ,im currently very very keen on a 1 bedroom flat in Hertfordshire ...that accepts housing and council tax and no huge outlays ....please could anyone help me please im in a very difficult situation atm ...and don't know where to turn if anyone knows any letting agents or landlords that accept dss please could you let me know .thank you so much


Friday 08 November 2013 9:41:50 pm

Myself and my partner are no fixed abode both on JSA, have a letter of intent and are looking for a 1 bed flat in Slough Burnham area (Berkshire). Looking for somewhere that accepts DSS, And are trying to find private landlords who accept it really need help.