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The advantages of renting from a private landlord

There are lots of benefits with renting directly from a private landlord and the list of benefits doesn’t just stop with cheaper rental prices! Discover ALL of the benefits from renting directly from a private landlord.

Influence the private landlord’s decision directly

Having direct contact with a private landlord can help you influence the landlord’s decisions in several ways.

Making the landlord like you and presenting yourself as a good tenant will often make this process easier and give you more room for negotiation. A private landlord wants good tenants, and easy lets even if it means dropping the rental price to secure one. Show yourself to be this good tenant and the landlord will often do more to secure you as their tenant. Let the landlord know that you will be a good tenant, look after their property and pay the rent on time.

This direct communication with private landlords can particularly help those with pets as it will give you the opportunity to introduce your pet to the landlord and show them that there’s nothing to worry about.

Cheaper rents from a private landlord

Private landlords can sometimes offer cheaper rents compared to renting the same property out through a letting agent. Private landlords are able to do this because their costs of finding tenants are reduced as there is no letting agent to pay and they can therefore often pass the savings to the tenant.

No credit checks done by private landlords

If you have bad credit or ccj’s you will likely find it difficult to rent through a letting agent. Renting directly from a private landlord will often remove this problem. Private landlords won’t often perform credit checks as they don’t normally have the means to do so. They will be more interested to see what you are like as a potential tenant, what you’re like to speak to, and whether you have enough income to make the rental payments.

Move in quickly with private landlords

As private landlords don’t usually do credit checking or some of the other administration work that a letting agent normally does, you are likely to be able to move into the property very quickly even on the same day. Obviously, the private landlord is looking to rent the property out immediately and therefore wants you to move in as soon as possible, this can be helpful if you need a place to live quickly.

Private landlords offer flexible tenancy lengths

Letting agents will normally have a minimum rental term of 6 or 12 months. Most private landlords prefer longer term tenancies too, although will sometimes accommodate shorter period tenancies of weeks or even a few months. Private landlords will normally expect you to pay more rent if you opt for a short period of weeks or a few months when compared to a longer term tenancy as it’s more work for them.

Private landlords can offer no deposit or flexible deposit terms

Private landlords will sometimes allow you to rent without a deposit. Failing this, sometimes private landlords will allow you to pay a deposit over the course of months until you build up the full agreed deposit. Again, it’s an advantage that you can speak with the landlord directly to negotiate this term but it is not something you can agree with all private landlords.

Personalised treatment on an ongoing basis

When dealing with private landlords they sometimes offer the tenant better care, before, during, and after your tenancy when compared to a letting agent. Private landlords will often go that step further than a letting agent to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible with as little inconvenience. Let’s be honest, if you’re good and stay long term, their property investment goes well. Some letting agents don’t really care so much about their tenants as you are one of many, with a private landlord you might be their only tenant and therefore a priority.

No additional fees when renting from private landlords

Letting agents will normally charge tenants administration fees, credit check or reference fees, and in some cases check in and check out fees. Obviously, renting from a private landlord you wouldn’t expect to pay these charges. This can often help you save a considerable amount of money. This will also mean that you need less capital at the start of the tenancy which will make moving into a property easier for many.