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I can't afford to pay my rent

You're struggling to pay the rent and need help now on how to deal with not being able pay your rent?

Maybe you're thinking a short term loan will help? Whatever - the first thing you need to do is understand what the problem is.

If you are having problems paying your rent you need to take action straight away. The quicker you take control of your financial affairs the quicker you can sort your situation out before it comes a big problem.

Here are some suggestions as to how best to deal with this sort of situation.

Believe it or not there are many options available and you should not despair. If it's urgent there are quick loans you can get. Even if you have bad credit there are loans for bad credit available and if you have no assets there are unsecured loans available to help you through a short term crisis.

Ask yourself, "Why am I behind with the rent"?

The first question to ask yourself is why are you behind with the rent? What has caused this problem? Has something unexpected happened - losing your job? Did you spend too much money on that last holiday or perhaps a special occasion? If so maybe it’s just a short term problem and a short term loan might just be the answer. Are you just running short of money this month? Have your social payments been delayed? If it’s just a short term issue it needs a short term fix, but if there's a problem generally with your spending then you need to stop, take a breath and get a hold of things.

Write down all your income and expenses - then see how much you've got to pay your debts. Make a list of all your debts and put them in order of priority; then you can work out how much you can afford to pay to everyone you owe money to.

Consider seeking advice from a debt advice agency or a debt consolidation specialist as they may be able to restructure your debts into one debt consolidation loan and one easy monthly repayment, they may even be able to write-off some of your debt.

Rent advice

If you are having problems paying your rent, you should get advice as soon as possible. You should contact your landlords to let them know of your difficulties and see if you can make any arrangements. Rent arrears are 'priority debts', which means the consequences of not dealing with them are serious - there is a risk of eviction.

Speak to your landlord as soon as possible and try to reach an agreement about paying off the arrears. Don't agree to pay more than you can afford from your calculations - there’s no point. If you are honest now and you can work through it together. One way to do this is through an agreed debt management plan.

Help with paying your rent

If you're on a low income, you may qualify for some government benefits or social security payments. These benefits can include Housing Benefit, Local Council Tax Benefit or tax credits of some sort.

Remember, you don't have to be out of work to claim benefits and you could qualify for more than one.

Many local offices may be able to get you some extra money - called 'discretionary housing payment'. Speak to your local Housing Officer, check them out in the yellow pages or look on your council tax forms for the number, or better still take a trip to your local office.

Whatever your situation, do not despair, don’t give up and keep looking. You can find a solution.

Good luck.




re: need help with rent

I am going to be homeless pretty soon and I really would like to know if you are able to help my family out with some help. I am a single mother of 2 children and I have a spine disorder and I have applied for ssi. I am looking for some help with my rent. If you are able to help me out with something on my rent. I would greatly appreciate it. If you need the information about my landlord I would be more than willing to give it to you
Thank you


If I don't find 1000 by 12 me and my 2 kids are on the streets by my local council houding


I am a stay at home mom who needs help. My husband works in construction & has not made any hours in over a month now, before that he spent many weeks only working one to one and a half days a week. Things are really bad, we are extremely behind on rent and it will not be long before I will be receiving an eviction letter. we have three young children & just the cost of living right now is killing us. We have both tried to find other work but have not been fortunate there. If there is someone out there with a kind heart to help a family in such need.

cannot pay my rent or power bill

hi my name is Dorothy Orrick, we lost our home April 27th 2011 in Phil Campbell al, due to f-5 tornado . we had no insurance ,Fema gave us 28 thousand dollars and put a 12 by 64 foot trailer on the our land my husband was put in ICU, CCU for almost 7 weeks and then he was sent home in ambulance and gave 6 months to live .in Jan and Feb. of 2012,he suffers from congestive heart failure insulin dependent, diabetes, hypertension, has neuropathy, back and joint pain, chronic bronchitis, poor circulation, edema, obesity and COPD and requires oxyzen he also has signed up several times for disability but was turned down .we used the money fema gave us paying bills and replacing our furniture tv beds washer dryer beds ect, due to no income and my husbands health we could not move out of the Fema trailer on time allowed so Fema started charging us 1127.00 a month we now owe Fema over 12,000 dollars , which is very unfair to charge that much for such a small used trailer. plus husband was under hospice for three months . we also lost our produce business on broad st in Phil Campbell due to tornado, he is still at home in hospital bed and hasn't walked on his own since he was in hospital we tried to get help paying our rent with action center in Russellville al 35653 however was turned down for miss using the fema money , which we did not . P S we been married 41 years and been also raising three grandchildren for the last ten years. please help yours truly Dorothy orrick

Need emergency rental assistance

I am a single mom of 3 boys ages 16, 13, and 9, we have been living with my ex mother in law and need to move out by the end of January at the latest. I am actively searching for employment also. Can anyone please help us?

Please help family of 5 about to be homeless

we have fallen on hard times and need help. I am too stubborn to ask for help and now I am just in over my head I have not yet applied for HEAP and am behind on electric because we have electric heat. I am about 3 months behind on rent due to car issues and trying to support my family by feeding them ext. My landlord left an eviction notice on my door today and I have no money not even enough to buy the kids anything for Christmas. I have a family of 5 I am the only one working my wife does not work because she has MS we have tried to get disability for her but have been denied. I am worried because I have no extra money for the past rent till I get tax return I am struggling as it is with the cost of gas food utilities and rent is a bit over whelming at the moment. I have tried to apply for section 8 and have been put on a waiting list. I just need help with paying the back rent and the heat. The notice is due on 11/29 and I need help I have gone to family for help but they don't have it my worry is that I make too much for GA or any other help. We currently have Mainecare and EBT I don't know if this would help qualify us for help. I or my wife Lisa can be reached at (Will email) wcoffin@athenahealth.com (Lisa email) lcoffin1979@gmail.com or 322-1240.

Beyond desperate, in urgent need of money to pay H-U-G-E back rent, hope fading

Had to take care of mom with dementia while trying to find work (still looking with NO hope mainly because of my age, mid 50's), mom passed away in July and rent is past due for $10,000 (yes that's extremely high I know but the rents here in the U.S., NYC are high as it is. Hoping to find the money and move on to somewhere cheaper, even if it's not in NYC any more), have turned to the Salvation Army and other organizations but NO help there. Am desperately starting to think about ending my life (but know that isn't the way to go, but can't seem to find a real out here, and the shelter system is NOT an option right now because I'm helping to take care of a mentally challenged brother, and 19 year old with Aspergers) because I'm ashamed of what I've done to my family by not be able to find work.

One last thing, the area in which I live has over the past few years, had an influx of Caucasians moving in, so the landlords see this and are pushing out the blacks, latinos, haitians, etc. because they've said they know they can and will get more money from the whites. So, for those of you who believe in it, can you please say a few prayers for me that I'll be able to get the funds that I need before it's too late? Time is running out and I'm now beyond desperate. Thanks everyone and blessings to you.

help with rent please

hello we need help paying our rent we live in texas and have 3 kids and just found out I am pregnant with twins my husband has a good job in the plants but this session there is a lot of rain and has been getting a lot of rain outs if there is anyone that can help us rent is $650.00 and it would be greatly appreciated you can e mail me at parker.brittany7856@yahoo.com
thank you,

veteran senior can't pay my rent

I am a senior citizen served time in military.Been everywhere for assistance can't get help! Was doing great had a job life was going ok had emergency surgery lost my job been looking can't seem to find anything. Yesterday found out didn't have to be 65 to file for social security ( I am 64) they said I should receive my first payment on the third Wednesday October I need 1200 dollars by the 18th I am scared to death never been put out anywhere please help me if you can I can even pay back a little at a time thanks I do not want to go to shelter

help with rent

Hi I could use some help with my rent I had to go on medical leave for 2 months now I am working 16 hours per week
under a doctor statement which its impossible to pay rent of 350 per month only making around 550 to 600 as month gross I have never asked for this kind of help ever since I have worked since i was 14 i am now 54 my email is pepsi_1310@yahoo .com Is there any kind of help for me please?

thank you


need help with rent

my name is shewanda dunn I need help with my rent -light bill I'm 2 month behind on them I'm in Louisians Gretna La I'm stuggling to pay for them I get 1,09.00 social security once A month-my husband get paid 2 time in one month we are struggling here I cannot pay the rent my husband got some bills my husband pay the rent every month on the 1st right now we 2 month behind -2 month on the light -gas bills we live in aptarment rent is 5,95.00 -light-gas 1,64.00 we need help now .my address is 617whitney ave.apt105 Gretna La.70056 my phone number is 504-258-3528 or504-708-9333 I try to get assistance for my rent they said no funds -I try for my light-gas bill.please help us.

facing eviction

i am a single mom on disability who fell behind on rent, landlord claimed he did not receive a money order payment that was mailed to him and it has behind as i can not find receipt... i am afraid of losing my apartment that i share with my daughter that just graduated and is looking for work. he has threatened a 14 day notice to evict and i am scared to death of losing my home and everything i own and am so overwhelmed that i thought of taking my life to end the pain. i live in new bedford ma. and do not know what to do. if anyone has advise on what a disabled person can do to save there apartment i would appreciate it. i even thought of renting a room with no luck there. desperate for help..

mom and 3 young boys need help asap

i am a single mother of 3 amazing boys 5,6 & 8.my husband died of a heartack and i have been taking care of my kids on my own. I have no family. No help. Aid doesn't help i get for one child. And i can't be on it do to the time limit. I am actively looking for a job but can't find one. I am trying to get on ssi because i am disable but it is going to take months. And my kids can't go homeless. All i need is 400$ for rent so we don't lose our home please if anyone can find it in your heart to help my kids godbless you. I'm try my hardest to do what i can for them. And i'm doing this on faith and hoping god gives me strength to get through this. God bless you for reading this and if you can't help please say a pray for us. Thank you. God bless mileyray.mrc.69@gmail.com

emergency help with rent

I have just finished my unemployment and is filing for state disabilty. I need help eith my rent my doctor told me i cannot work until all my test results come complete im seeking assistance until further notice of income .please help i do not have money for aprils rent

rent arrears

i am in arrears with my rent and council tax because i was out of work for a while and my benefits did not get paid , i am currently on the sick from work with stress if i go bk to work i have to pay all of the arrears plus everything else my pay would not cover everything , i have spoke to my landlord who is understanding but it still has to be paid and i dont no how i can do it

i carnt pay my rent back

hiya please can some one help me . i am a single mum with heath problem i moved in to my new home with nothing my children had no beds no t.v no compter as we lost everythink due to beeing evcetied from our home i am so scared i dont no were to go for help my landlords wants to throw me out i know ishouldnt off borrowed the rent but i felt so bad for my kids please help us


After 2 yrs my hubby lost his job. Now were facin to get kicked out we have 5 children and now my hubby is able to get a job but itll be to late plz if someone cud plz help me and family in need .were bearly able tp keep out lights on or food on the table our rent is 550.00 if i cud just get my landlord that atleast he wpnt throw us out so plz i pray to the lord above that someone out there cud help us.i wont b able to makr it on the streets my don is a sever asthmic .and he haas adhd bi poupler disorder and etc plz ill dp wat i have to to pay it forwardthks 4805840043 or 480 2742052 my email is reneemoreno316@gmail.com plz help us thk u

facing eviction please help

Lost my job need emergency help

behind on rent

I am a couple thousand dollars behind on rent my oldest son has autism and his ssi check was helping us to pay rent well they cut him off because of him turning 18 and at this time i am unable to work i have a bad back due to car accident yrs ago but am trying to collect ssi myself now. My husband works full time but is not able to catch up on all of our household bills which we are just behind a month on them now. I have tried calling different churches and united way in our area but so far no luck.My landlord has been great but now he is getting to the point were he is talking about an eviction which i have no where else to go. I have 4 boys at home with me between the ages of 7-19 yrs old. My email is lmanc1961@gmail.com

emergancy rent assistance

hi my name is danisha and justin we have problem about rent since landlord give us 3 or 10 days notice to have eviction us which i just laid off from my job and we have 1 son with us and lanlord give us confused with the price that we supposed to pay rent so iam very overwhelem and i have pstd which put me stress alot ... i need a help with rent assistance i hope they understand we are deaf family and hard on us we in deaf community for many year ... so now landlord already give an notices with the letter say 3 days and two of paper landlord give us hard time we dont have money for move truck or storage ... soo i need really help with rent .. if u hold of us please email me chadwickdanisha@gmail.com or call us 360 334 5930 thru relay that i can communicate with u on phone ..i have all proofs papers works if u need it thanks for ur time....


My name is Roniesha Foster and I am in desperate need in help to pay my rent. It was due on the first of the month and today its the 20. I dont have a job anymore because I became pregnant with my third child and I'm having diffculties in my pregnancy. I really need help because they are trying to evict me and I have no other place to go.

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Rent.....on the verge of being evicted

Today is April 4,2012 and my husband and I live in Fort Collins Co. at the Governor's Park Apartments and we just recieved a letter stating that we where late on paying our rent do to the fact it was due on the first. I am six weeks pregnant and was asked today to resign from my job and my husband is self-employed and is a full time student. Our rent is $880 a months plus utilities which all together we pay over a thousand dollars a month for a little two bedroom apt. we have a 12 yr old son and another on the way. What should we do, they have only given us three days to come up with over a thousand dollars.


Hello, my name is Barbara. I am currently married. My husband nor I can find a job (not lack of trying). We have three kids 7,3, and 11 months. I do get unemployment but it is only 500 a month. My rent is 500 monthly and we just can not do it. We are both disabled and we are fighting to get our disability. I am currently in school for criminal justice. We are trying to do this. Our rent is due April 1st. I have contacted the local rental assitance place which is IL valley. They told me that I make to much money for them to help us. Our two younger children are still in diapers. If you have any advise or can help in any way please contact me via email. renebarbie84@gmail.com or smithren@madisontelco.com

My job just got slow due to the excessive rain

I hate to say this out here but, I sure need some advise or direction to getting some financial help paying the rent. I have been doing odd jobs around here cutting grass but its only to put food on the table. Im in the guadalupe county area. i have 4 children ages 21,12,4 & 2. Two of them have disabilities Autism, and Atopic eczema. Any help for me to keep my family from not being so scared. Thank you. God Bless us all

please help

Hi my name is tenika holton i live in san antonio,tx i have 3 kids and im not working im living with my roommate and i cant afford to pay the rent and i don't want my kids in the street they got tooken away from me so please i don't want that to happen so please im asking u for your help i need money like yesterday so please can you please help me pay my rent thank u for listening to me and u can email me at tenikaholton@yahoo.com if u want to ask me and question once again thank you for listening

help paying rent

Hi, name is Mike
I know you have to read alot, so I'll make it short. Lost job, out of unemployment benefits & need help paying rent . Email # mike35pasa@gmail.com Thank you for your time!

Please Help, Rental Assistance

Hello and Thank You for taking the time to read this plea.
I am Keri, Lost my job of one and a half years, last paid on December 7th, 2011, I managed to make January rent, I am unable to qualify for unemployment benefits, and I have applied for Medicaid but process is not short, also Food Stamps with that they allow you to receive a free Safe-Link phone but this too takes time. Rent is due on or before the 5th, the 15 they start eviction and the 22nd they lock you out, I got the manager to put off processing until the 29th, Then I own $604. I have called every rental assistance program in the state of Nevada/Washoe County and all programs are out of funds, NV Energy the power company has discontinued their EAP, Emergency Assistance Program due to such high volume of people needing assistance. I also am an individual and several programs are biased to cater to single mothers and or family's, understandable, but making it that much harder to get help, My cell phone has been shut off and my Internet and home phone will be off next and then 29th will be here and I will have no home, I am in dire need of an outlet or something to not become homeless, please any suggestion, comments all welcome! Please advise/help
Thank You for tyou time

Suggestions? Help? Trying to Make It!

Hello and Thank You for Reading thins post!
I last received pay on December 7 , I made it last and was able to pay January rent and a few other things with those funds. I have called every assistance program offered in Washoe County/Nevada and all the programs are out of funds including EAP, Energy Assistance Programs is temporarily discontinued, I am not a single mother, nor a family just an individual and the programs are geared for those folks first, I have until the 29th to get my office manager the $604.00. The place I live rent is due on the or by the 5th of the month, they start eviction on the 15th and lock out on the 22nd, fastest eviction I have ever heard of, I only need to get by three month and my lease of 6 month will be up and no bad hits.

Rent Help

I am currently just getting out of major rebuilding of my esophogus surgery and am in recovery and have been going through major medical issues last year, and especially last two months. I have had two heart surgeries, 11 upper GI surgeries and now this one, and possible two more touch up Upper GI surgeries and one more heart ablation. I finally just started recieving Disability benifits. I got all the bills caught up and rent, but am behind in rent $400 which i have no way of being able to afford right now, and while i was in surgery they served me with and eviction notice for the $400. I am in dire need for rental assistance, I have tried calling a few churches and organizations and they are currently out of funding, I am in a panick, is there any help any of you can do for me, or know someone that can? I am in Anchorage, Alaska, my email is tonyasteichen@yahoo.com. Thank you for any help or consideration you might be able to help with

Help with Rent

My name is Todd and I am facing eviction, I went through a divorce back in october and won legal and physical joint custody of my 2 kids, since then I was layed off from my job and lost my unemployment benefits, so I have no income coming in. I applied for food support and medical assistance from douglas county in Minnesota and received that but was denied emergency assistance for rent help because of lack of funds, I also called the local community actions program and was told they were out of funds also. What should I do? My kids need me. I have nowhere else to go? Please help me. My e-mail is tshbrevin@yahoo.com

Need Help With Rent, My Boyfriend Paycheck Went On Every Bill We Had Beside Rent. Please Help

We Need Help With Our Rent. Its Due On The 6th And If Its After That Than We Will Be Kicked Out. My Boyfriend Dont Get Paid In Time To Pay The Rent And This Is Our First Place And We Dont Want To Lose It. Can You Please Help Us. Contact Me At My Email Siders_jessica@yahoo.com My Name Is Jessica And My Boyfriend Name Is Andrew And We Hope You Can Help Us. Thanks

about to get evicted

hi my name is margaret

my job has cut my hours back keeped up for awhile then my car broke down . living pay check to pay check.
then i got sick there wasw another bill . if there is any one that can help it would be greatly apreciated.
thanks margaret.

Need Help!

Hello. My name is Laura Ghan. My husband and I recently moved to Minnesota to get back on our feet after a really rough first year. Things were going really well for awhile. We were able to get a loan to get a car, we both found jobs within the first two weeks, and we found an apartment that was willing to give a young couple a chance. Then, almost a month ago, my husband was injured at work. Between the two of us, we lost almost two weeks of wages. But he wasn't out long enough to qualify for benefits from Workman's Comp. On top of that entire event, the company we worked for decided that we weren't a good fit for them and let both of us go. So, those last two paychecks we were counting on to pay rent are no longer a sure thing. Our rent is due in eight days and we're pretty much out of options.If anyone could please help us out, it would be greatly appreciated. We just need a chance to find permanent jobs and get ourselves stable. My e-mail is ghan.laura@hotmail.com. Please find it in your heart to help a young couple just getting started.

I just lost my job of 2.5 years

My name is Domini Lewis. I am 30 years of age. I've just lost my job that I got in 2009. Some people wouldn't say this part, but I am being honest and humbling myself because I could really use some help. I am currently on parole which means that I am a felon. Since I have been out I have been trying to make important changes in mylife. I have finished all the classes required for me to do and I am one of my parole officers best clients. When I went to prison in July 2007, my then year old daughter was given to my grandparents. My grandfather passed away in September then my grandmother February 2008. She was then moved to Florida to stay with my distant cousins. Our agreement was I would get her back as soon as I was stable. I was on my way to get her back ( got a two bedroom, picking up shifts at work) Then it of nowhere I lost my job. I've filed for unemp.loyment and it hadn't gone thru yet. It's hard because I don't have anyone to houtp me and I am having a really hard time finding a job because of the felony. I am not a bad person just made a bad decision when I was 18. I am asking for any type of help from anyone willing to. If anyone can help please contact me at Dominilewis.c

Having trouble paying my rent at this time.

My name is Pamela Hundley. I am a single mom who 7 months ago had to send my son of 16 years to live with his dad because I was increasingly unable to pay bills rent an buy food. I have been off work due to injury since November 12th 2010. I was getting state disability to help pay the rent and bills until November 19th 2011. Last month in December my youngest daughter who is in her 2nd semester of her senior year in College was able to come up with the balance to pay the rent after I had save 1/3rd. However this month neither she nor I have any money to pay the rent bills or buy food. We have been blessed by good friends who have provided a little here and there to buy food. However rent and bills (gas and lights) have not been paid. I received a 3 day notice on Friday to pay rent or move by tomorrow. I have no money to pay on the rent nor do I have any money to be able to move our things out of this 1 bedroom apartment we share. My daughter has not worked since May of 2011 (she lost her job at that time). I have applied for Social Security Disability and was denied due to amount of money I was receiving from State disability. I reapplied once that state disability ran out. I was denied workers compensation benefits by the insurance company for my job, then there doctor said my injuries were worker related, however they have still not made payment of benefits. I applied for long term disability from my employers insurance and that decision has not been made yet. I just need a little assistance and a lot of prayer.

lost job need help

my name is cody andresen i have recently lost my job and cant pay my rent for december and january and so on. i have a year old son with a heart condition that does require open heart surgury in the next 6 MONTHS. they gave me till friday december 30th 2011 to pay decembers rent and gave me my eviction notice and court papers. if any help at all i would b so greatfull thank you and god bless. c. Andresen email ?'s codyluvs2ride@yahoo.com thank u

In Need of Help Please

I lost my job a couple of months ago and got behind in my rent. I have been served eviction papers and have no plac to go. I have been blessed with a job and will be able to maintain from here. I just need help getting over this hump. I am willing and able to have you paid back by mid Feburary or I can "Pay it forward" and help someone else in need. Whichever you prefer. Please email me at (rentangel14@fastmail.fm) if you are able to help. I didn't qualify for help from the Trustee's office and those that were willing to help are out of funds. Please leave me a way to contact you. I don't want any money put in my hands...just for my apartment complex to be called and the rent paid. I am not in the business of using or trying to get over on people. Thank you and God Bless you. J

I'am in need of some help...

My name is Cindy Roquemore, I recently get fired from my job and have been unable to pay my rent as well as other bills go for December. I spend hours on end look for a job by job hunting or going to a temp place and have had no luck. Until December 10th SAM club call they hire me but for only part time, but that not going to catch me upon my bills. I have people calling & asking when will they get they money. I tell them I have been trying to get the money. I was wondering if you Tenants tips or any other organization may be willing to help me. I have been doing all the steps like sending my resume's out to everyone I know that hiring, temp's service's, nothing... I have been pray for a miracle that I can reach out my hand for help & get some help. Right now I am behind on my car note, about to have no
insurance, I had to pawn all my silver for gas for my car & some grocery for the house. I'm begging & wishing for helps ... I have fill out for unemployment and i was turn down for there services also so i try for food stamps as well TANF, well i was turn down for TANF cause i do not have kids. so please help. I' am at my whits ends. Thank you. for your time.


My name is Michelle Bond, I recently lost my job and have been unable to pay my rent for December. I spend 6 hours a day atleast job hunting and have had no luck. I was wondering if you or any other orginazation you
may know would be willing to help. I have not had to ask for help in years but sometimes we have to. Thankyou
For your time.

Help with assistance..

My name is michelle bond im in the need of help on my rent please.. Ive lost my job do to lay off & im really struggleing @ the moment ive been looking for a new job & not hsving much luck @ the moment. Is there any body out there that can help me with sum kind of assistance please & thank u very very much!!! Dont wanna br on tje stret thank u much michelle.

i cant pay my rent

i have been talking and researching agencies to help w/rent and i am running in circles. i recently was terminated from my job and i have a criminal record and just cant keep up on the rent i owe for my apt of 4+ yrs. i have no other options until/when i get another job. is there any resources or information you have that could help? Much appreciated. I do not qualify for cash assistance from the state so....i am just lost. Thank You, B Wendling

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